Course of Law Introduction

Using specialised expertise to foster talented members of society who seek to address issues in both their local community and the global world around them.

The Course of Law aims to train students to use legal and political knowledge and skills to logically and scientifically identify and discus possible solutions for issues in both their local community and the global community, with Asia at the forefront. The course will produce generalists with strong organisational and problem solving skills who can easily explain issues to others in order to facilitate discussion.


ABE Junichi – Civil Law

ITOH Shuhei – Social Security

UEHARA Daisuke – Criminal Law

UEMOTO Sachiko – Civil Law

UNAKI Masahiro – Administrative Law

ONO Tomoya – Constitutional Law

SAITO Yoshihito – Civil Procedural Law

SHIDA Souichi – Business Law

TORIKAI Takashi – Tax Law

NAKAJIMA Hiroshi – Criminal Procedural Law

HARADA Izumi – Practice of Law

HIRAI Kazuomi – Political History, Local Politics, Relation between Japan and Korea

MASAGO Yasushi – Private International Law

MATSUDA Tadahiro – Business Law

MORIO Seiji – Administrative Law

YONEDA Kenichi – Sociology of Law