Course of Community Studies Introduction

Providing students with a deeper understanding for the local community and raising them up to become members of society who can help address its issues.

In the Course of Community Studies students will learn, through social science and community education, about the current situation and issues surrounding the local community. The course will produce graduate that can address and solves these various issues in cooperation with the local inhabitants.


IHARA Keiichiro – Arts and Cultural Design

OGURI Yuko – Community Education, Environmental Education

KATAGIRI Shizuko – Social Welfare

KATANODA Takuyo – Municipal Policy Studies

KANEKO Mitsuru – Children Studies, Community Education

KIDO Hideyuki – Modern Sociology

KUWABARA Tsukasa – Communication Studies

SAKAI Yusuke – Multicultural Studies, Community Education

NAKAJIMA Daisuke – German Urban Cultural History

NOUNAKA Itaru – Community Education, Civil Liberties・Disparity  Studies