Course of Psychology

Fostering talented individuals who will play an active part in the promotion of mental health in the local community and who will also make use of their psychology skills in the field of business.

In the Course of Psychology students learn a wide range of knowledge, from the basic fundamentals to specialized skills. The course offers a curriculum that allows students to learn how to understand a person’s mind and behavior as well as other fields such consumer psychology and practical skills relating to mental health. Students will be able to use their deep understanding of the heart and mind to address the various psychological related issues in the local community today and also contribute to industry and business. Additionally, the course is current working on implementing a curriculum that allows for graduates to be eligible to sit the nation licensing psychologist exam.


ABE Koji – Gerontology, Socio-Gerontology

IIDA Masako
 – Clinical Psychology

OZONO Hiroki
 – Social Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Cultural Psychology

KANNO Kouta – Biology, Behavioral Neuroscience, Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

 – Social Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

TOMIHARA Kazuya – Comparative Psychology, Neuroscience

HIRATA Yutaro – Clinical Psychology, Community Psychology

 – Social Psychology, Consumer Behavior

 – Cognitive Psychology

YONEDA Koichi – Psychosomatic Medicine, Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience